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Pipaper Free as you can guess is the free version of the Pipaper,  The main difference is the images are compressed JPEGS rather than loss loss PNGs.  If I'm honest you will only notice the difference in large High resolution screens such as Android TV or Tablets.  Also the free version as a small ad which is the reason for network access.

Use PiPassword to generate random passwords, removing the link between you and the password. This makes it hard for people and programs "hack" your password and access your personal data. Passwords can be Letters and numbers, Letters numbers and special characters or just numbers.

Please remember no password is 100 per cent secure, this program simple removes any link between you and the password, i.e. using a pets name or your date of birth etc.

 How Much? Is now available on Google Play Store, however if you can work it out you don't need this app.   How Much?  is a quick an simple way to work out how much you will actually pay.  All you need to do is add the ticket price and the % Discount to be subtract or the Sales tax to be add and How Much?  will quickly and accurately calculate the price.

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