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About me,

My Name is Nigel, I have a passion for photography, I am by no means a professional.  For a few years I have been wondering how to share my favourite images (and let’s be honest, make a little money), so a few years ago I decided to build an app to share my images.

Never having coded before I popped to the local bookshop brought “Android Apps for Beginners” by Wallace Jackson and published by Apress and proceeded to make and build Pipaper for Android.

It was quite a fulfilling  project to learn something new from scratch and surprisingly not that difficult, I would recommend every one gives it a go, Google provide all you that is need for free which is why I choose Android and not Apple or Windows, (I believe Windows is free but you need Win 8 of 10).  

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do and if I take a picture I feel worthy of being shared on the App I will add it.  Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

Thank you


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